The Scottish Water Board comprises a Chair and Non-Executive Members, who are appointed by the Scottish Ministers, and Executive Members including the Chief Executive, who are appointed by Scottish Water. 
The role of the Board (among other things) is to:- 
  • Provide strategic guidance and direction to Scottish Water  
  • Demonstrate high standards of corporate governance 
  • Oversee the delivery of Scottish Waters Regulatory outputs 
  • Ensure statutory requirements in relation to the use of public funds are complied with.

Further information in relation to the role of the Board and the Audit and Remuneration Committees can be found in the Annual Report and Accounts. Board members comply with a Code of Conduct made under the Ethical Standards in Public Life etc (Scotland) Act 2000 and are required to complete and update a Register of Declared Interests.

Board Members

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Governance Documents

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Board Minutes are available and Standing Orders regulate the conduct of Board and Committee meetings. 

The terms of reference of the Audit & Risk Committee and Remuneration Committee are available.

Scottish Water operates under specific regulatory requirements in relation to the operation of the retail market for commercial customers.

Further information in relation to these responsibilities can be found in the Business Customers section of the website and Scottish Water is required to produce an annual Compliance Statement and Compliance Officers Report in relation to these obligations.