Delivering Ministerial Objectives 

Scottish Ministers set objectives for Scottish Water. These are our objectives for the next regulatory period.

Objectives SR21-27:

  • Take an integrated and collaborative approach to decisions to maximise the impact of resources and to achieve better outcomes for people and communities. 
  • Maintain or improve current levels of service, engaging to establish appropriate standards for the 2021-27 period and beyond. 
  • Prepare a strategy to inform the long term asset replacement needs ensuring asset maintenance is fully integrated in the investment programme. 
  • Identify and provide new strategic capacity to meet the demand of all new housing development and domestic requirements of commercial and industrial development. 
  • Align with the Scottish Government’s circular economy strategy and assess the potential for resource recovery from sewerage. 
  • Comply with drinking water quality duties and address failures to ensure compliance with drinking water quality standards, taking steps to improve resilience and remove lead from the network. 
  • Improve compliance with environmental licences and limit the amount of plastics reaching the water environment through the sewer network. 
  • Work with stakeholders to transform how rainwater and sewerage are managed to improve flooding and surface water management.  
  • Maintain and improve the security of its network and systems, to protect them from malicious attack.
  • Make substantive progress in the 2021-27 period towards the climate change targets. 
  • Prepare and implement plans to manage its private finance initiative contracts which end in the 2021-27 period. 

Full list of objectives

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