images of construction sites with cranes and diggers

Our 2021-27 investment programme will deliver over £6bn of maintenance and improvements to Scotland’s water and waste water infrastructure and contribute significantly to the achievement of our three ambitions as set out in our Strategic Plan:

  • Service Excellence
  • Going Beyond Net Zero Emissions
  • Delivering Great Value and Financial Sustainability


At any given time, we have around 1,000 projects on site across Scotland, so we can deliver fresh, clean drinking water to your taps, and safely flush away the three Ps – that’s poo, pee and paper. If you keep an eye out for our Scottish Water vans, you’ll quickly realise: we’re everywhere!

One of our largest on-site projects right now is Bertha Park, where we’re investing over £60m to support thousands of new homes and a new secondary school in Perth, but we have lots of smaller projects, too, such as a £100k project to repair sewers in Dunoon.

Financial year 2023/24 was the biggest year for Capital Investment since Scottish Water was established in 2002, with over £1bn spent on improving our network, supporting growth, and protecting Scotland’s environment.

We’re also really proud that all of our 2023/24 metrics were green, meaning the Capital Programme is being delivered on time and on budget, and with a healthy view of the projects in the proverbial pipeline for the next few years.

By continuing to work closely with our regulators and the Scottish Government, embracing innovative low-carbon solutions, engaging with local businesses, and fostering future talent with our amazing graduates and modern apprentices, Capital Investment is proud to play its part in promoting a Flourishing Scotland.

Capital Investment Programme Overview

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