The formal process of applying for new connections to water mains and waste water services is designed to support you. 

It allows for a clear understanding of your needs and how we can support them through our review and approval process. 

Regardless of the scale or complexity of your development, from single house construction to larger scale housing construction, our application process provides detailed guidance and support. 

You can submit and track your application via our Development Services Application Portal



All applications provide detailed guidance, with background on any technical information or calculations requiring completion. 

We highlight the importance of consultation at the earliest stage of a development. We can be contacted informally for general support questions regarding the process to obtain a new water or waste water connection. This can even take place prior to your planning application being submitted. 

To begin the more formal application process with us, you can complete our Pre Development Enquiry (PDE) via our portal. This should include as much information as possible to allow us to understand your plans, and to support a detailed response from us.  

The PDE is intended to capture early details relating to your development plans, and will allow us to provide you with a response relating to the drainage or water demands of your site. We will provide you with early guidance that may influence the layout or design of your pipework, or the points of connection for water and wastewater supplies. 

Please be aware that any response provided at this stage is not a guarantee of water or wastewater capacity for our network  To secure the capacity for your development you are required to submit a formal Water and/or Waste Water applications via our portal.

If you are unable to use the portal, you can contact our Development Services team on Freephone 0800 389 0379 or email and we can assist you with the completion of your application. 


Design Content with Your Application

Ensure that your applications are supported by appropriate design calculations.

Authority, Roads Authority, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), Fire Authority and any other relevant bodies.  
If you are already aware of the presence of a public asset within the boundary of your site, designs should include any required diversions of our existing infrastructure.    

The published guidance document 'Water for Scotland 4th Edition'is available on our website.

Important: We will normally process your application and complete our design audit within 28 days of receipt of an acceptable application. This would require inclusion of all mandatory supporting information.

Track Inspection 

Once any pipework is installed, and in advance of any final connection to the public water network, we need to inspect the work before it is back-filled to ensure it meets with regulations. 

We have summarised the requirements for a water track inspection in this Track Inspection Checklist so you know what we will be looking for when we arrive to carry out an inspection. 

Ready for Your Track Inspection? 

Please review this checklist closely and ensure your site meets all criteria and is ready for inspection. This will ensure that when our inspectors attend, they can pass all pipework installed and there is no risk of an abortive visit being incurred. Once this inspection passes, your water connection can then be programmed. 

If you are not ready and simply need support or advice on-site, you can request a site visit from one our inspection team. All site inspections or visit requests can be  scheduled by contacting our team: Developer Services Contact List.

Our Charges and Payment 

Any charges in relation to our application process and the final connection to our infrastructure will be advised within our quotation process, after we have assessed your application and as part of the design audit response. Within this quotation we will confirm what these charges relate to, and the overall cost. We will also confirm within this correspondence, the required point of payment prior to your connection or connections being completed.  

Please be aware:  

  • a number of our charges should be paid before you plan to request your connection, and further details will be included in any separate invoices you receive from us
  • you must ensure that if you have a water application with our business team, all associated invoices must be paid before the water connection(s) can be completed

For details of our charges please refer to our current Scheme of Charges Documents:

Scheme of Charges Document part 1

Scheme of Charges Document part 2