Project Overview

Perth Wastewater Treatment Works was originally constructed in 1971 and treats wastewater for a population equivalent (PE) of 74,000 from Perth and the surrounding area. Significant growth is planned for the city of Perth by 2033 and the WwTW needs to be upgraded to provide the required capacity to treat the increased flow and loads up to 2033. 

This work is being delivered on Scottish Water’s behalf by our capital project delivery partner Efficient Service Delivery (ESD). 

Project at a glance:

  • Upgrades to Perth Waste Water Treatment Works
  • Delivery by delivery partner ESD
  • Estimated £65m investment
  • Forecast for completion - September 2026 


View of Perth WWTW setup for initial ESD work
Digger shown at Perth WWTW carrying out initial work

Perth Waste Water Treatment Works

Initial work is being carried out by ESD to upgrade the works in line with the significant investment being carried out by Scottish Water across the city.

Latest Project Update

Work is currently at an early stage.

Site offices and compounds have been established while various safety measures have been implemented so that the movement of our workforce and equipment can be done as safely and efficiently as possible.

Other early work has included taking care of local wildlife so that it remains safe while our work is carried out, ensuring that the environment is a key priority throughout this project.

Site clearance has been completed and we are now carrying out utility diversions ahead of us carrying out work to demolish a disused sludge treatment building.