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Project Overview

We are building a new screened Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) in Geilston Park, Cardross to alleviate internal sewer flooding during periods of extreme weather.

At A Glance

  • Sewer flooding alleviation in properties, park and surrounding streets
  • Work starting Monday 20 May 2024 and expected to take approximately nine months to complete
  • £1.5million project being delivered by Caledonia Water Alliance

What We Are Doing

We are constructing a new screened Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) in Geilston Park Cardross and upgrading the associated sewer network to alleviate sewer flooding in the area. Excess waste water will be discharged into the nearby Geilston Burn during storms.

A Combined Sewer Overflow – or CSO – is designed to prevent the contents of a sewer from backing up into homes and businesses during periods of extreme weather. They are a critical component required to manage flows during peak rainfall. 

Approximately 99% of CSO discharges are comprised of excess rain/surface water and domestic waste water (from sinks, showers, baths etc). Less than 1% is actually waste water from toilets.

Cardross CSO and Sewer Upgrade

Park Project

The work is being carried out in Geilston Park but will have wider benefits for Cardross

Why We Are Doing It

There is not enough capacity in the Cardross sewer network which has led to sewer flooding affecting nearly a dozen properties. Geilston Park and the tennis courts have also been affected.

Several potential solutions were considered but a new CSO is the best option to find a safe and more practicable route to divert excess rainwater away from the sewer network to reduce the risk of flooding.

The project will provide protection for the community with the minimum impact both during and after construction and also on the environment.

Cardross CSO and Sewer Upgrade

Geilston Park

Cardross CSO and Sewer Upgrade

How a CSO works

Update May 2024

Work has started to set up the site compound in Geilston Park.

Cardross CSO and Sewer Upgrade

Site Layout

RED: Site Compound YELLOW: Location of screened CSO chamber  BLUE: Route of underground sewer pipe