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Project Overview

A multi-million pound investment project is being planned for Camps Reservoir. It will bring a number of improvements to the site, including upgrades to the existing spillway at the reservoir.

These works will help improve our ability to draw down a greater volume of water from the reservoir when required and help improve the resilience of the local water network. 

The planned improvements will ensure Scottish Water complies with Section 48(3) of the Reservoirs (Scotland) Act 2011 and that customers continue to enjoy great-tasting Scottish water. 

Our delivery partner, George Leslie, is carrying out the project on behalf of Scottish Water.

At a Glance

  • Multi-million pound investment 
  • Enhance and protect Camps Reservoir
  • Approx. 22 months duration
  • Delivered by George Leslie



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Spillway Works

The improvements being made here include upgrades to the existing spillway at the reservoir.

What We Are Doing

The first phase of works are the enabling works, from 29 April for approximately 4-5 weeks. These works involve: 

  • Construction of passing places on Little Clyde Road 
  • Extension of junction at DVSA station on Little Clyde Road 
The main works are scheduled to start on 3rd June. They include:  
  • New reinforced concrete u-shaped spillway lining of the existing slab.
  • New access road either side of the White Gill access bridge, to connect to the existing road.
  • New access bridge across the White Gill. 
  • Permanent access ramp at the dam, parallel to the spillway channel.
  • Temporary access bridge across the scour channel and a temporary access road to and along the dam.

Why We Are Doing It 

The spillway at Camps Reservoir needs to be refurbished to ensure the integrity of this key Scottish Water asset is maintained and protected. 

Delivery of the project will ensure Scottish Water complies with Section 48(3) of the Reservoirs (Scotland) Act 2011. 

Camps drop-in info event

Camps drop-in info event

Latest Update

We held a community drop-in information event on Tuesday 26 March. 

Members of the community had the chance to come along and meet the project team and find out more about the works we have planned. 

It was a very successful event and we thank everyone who took the time to come along!

Further Information

If you were unable to attend, the information shared at the event can be accessed by clicking the button below: 

View documents