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Project Overview

This project involves the replacement of two sections of mains water pipe.  One in Newtonhill Road, Newtonhill and a second in Cookston Road & Muirend Road, Portlethen.  These works will allow us to continue to supply fresh, clean drinking water and to strengthen the infrastructure of the local network.

At a Glance

  • Investment: £520,000
  • Delivered by: Caledonia Water Alliance
  • Estimated completion for Newtonhill section: April 2022
  • Estimated completion for Portlethen section: Sept 2022

Portlethen map showing Scottish Water road works.

Map of road showing different sections of the Portlethen project

More information on each section below

What are we doing? 

We are currently carrying out work to renew the water main in Newtonhill and Portlethen to continue to provide our customers with clear, fresh drinking water and to reduce the chances of pipes bursting. 

Caledonia Water Alliance (CWA) are carrying out the work, and have already completed the replacement of approximately 600m of the main in Newtonhill Rd, Newtonhill. They are now progressing with the second part of this project which involves the replacement of another 700m of water main in Cookston Road & Muirend Road in Portlethen.   


Why are we doing it? 

This investment will continue to ensure the supply of fresh, clean drinking water for this area, and minimise service disruption by strengthening the infrastructure of the local network. 

Latest updates for Portlethen Section

Section 1 (for approx. 2 weeks) - involves the closure of footpath from the bottom of Schoolhill Road to the underpass at Cookston Road. 

Section 2 (follows completion of Section 1 for approx. 3 weeks) - involves the closure of the footpath from the A92 down to Barclayhill Place/Cookston Road. 

Section 3 (scheduled for 20th June for approx. 3 weeks) – involves 4-way temporary traffic lights at junction of Cookston Road, Barclayhill Place and Mcintosh Donald entrance. The Traffic Lights will be in place to allow safe installation of new water main across the junction with Barclayhill Place

Section 4 (scheduled for 11th July  for approx. 3-4 weeks) – involves full road closure in Cookston Road from Barclayhill Place to Thistle Drive. Access to Barclayhill Place from the North, access to Thistle Drive from the South. 

Section 5 (follows completion of Section 4 for approx. 5 weeks) – involves a full road closure in Cookston Road from Thistle Drive to Roundabout at Muirend Road. Access to Barclayhill Place/Thistle Drive from the North. Towards the end of this section there will be temporary traffic lights in place at the roundabout at Muirend Road, Cookston Road & Devenick Drive. 

Section 6 (follows completion of Section 5 for approx. 8 weeks) – involves full road closure of Muirend Road from the roundabout at Cookston Road to the roundabout at the Retail Park. 


Bus Services

Services 7/7A/7B/7S/8 – Southbound services will operate as normal into Portlethen via Schoolhill, then after serving Portlethen Academy, use Muirend Road to serve Asda. Buses will then double back the same way to get to Berrymuir Road, then as per normal route. Northbound buses will operate via the same route but serve Muirend Road (Asda) before serving Berrymuir Road, then exit via Schoolhill and Hillside to the A92.

For further information relating to the bus services, please contact: Stagecoach Bluebird: 01224 597540


Please note advanced signage will be in place ahead of each road closure.

Interruption to Water Supply

During this phase of work we may need to interrupt your water supply. If you are to be affected by any planned interruption to supply you will receive notification in advance, detailing date, times and what to do.

Local Access

Local access will be maintained where possible. Pedestrian access will be maintained at all times. Our site team will liaise with any customer if access is likely to be restricted in anyway. Please follow all signage in place.