Project Overview

Scottish Water’s subsidiary, Scottish Water Horizons, are installing a new solar scheme at our Gowan’s Terrace office in Perth.

The 1,032 PV (photovoltaic) panels are set to be installed at the end of April 2024, with vegetation clearance taking place beforehand. Work is expected to take approximately 2 months to complete.

At a glance

  • Perth PV solar scheme
  • 1,032 PV Panels
  • Delivered by Scottish Water Horizons
  • Approx. 2 months to complete

An aerial view of the location of solar panels. A white office building is on the right and another blue building is on the left with the solar panels in the middle. Trees and greenery are at the top with a car park also on the left.

Over 1000 PV panels to be installed

The panels will be installed on private land owned by Scottish Water beside our Perth office.

What are we doing?

To support our net zero commitment, we are installing over 1000 PV solar panels at our office in Perth, helping to save 198,475kg of CO2 emissions every year.

These ground mounted panels will be installed on private land owned by Scottish Water, covering an area of almost 2,500m2 beside our Perth office. In order to install the PV panels, the low-level vegetation and shrubbery currently covering this unused land will need to be cleared. This clearance will begin week commencing 26th February and is expected to take 3 days to carry out.

For health and safety reasons, the whole area will be fenced off and there will be no access to the public during our works.

Why are we doing it?

We are committed to using green technology to help lower our carbon footprint and support our net zero goals.

Solar panels are a good source of sustainable renewable energy as they generate no pollution or greenhouse gases during their operation, benefiting both our customers and the environment.