Loch Katrine - North Shore Road Maintenance Work

From Monday 14th March, we are carrying out essential repairs on the North Shore Road, Loch Katrine.  

Following concerns which have been raised about the current condition of the road and the potential for it to cause health and safety issues for visitors, we are taking action. 

Repairs are being carried out on potholes and uneven surfaces which have occurred on a long stretch of North Shore Road, running from just west of Glengyle to some distance east of the property known as Brennachoile.

Our contractors, Tough Construction are carrying out the works and it is anticipated they will take around two weeks for completion. The team will work as quickly as they can to ensure these works are delivered in the shortest timescale possible, and that they are completed before visitor numbers to Loch Katrine start to significantly pick up again in the spring. 

Please see below the exact location and information about the works at two specific locations: 

Loch Katrine works

Essential Repairs

The two areas highlighted on the map, in red and green, will be affected. These repairs must be carried out for health and safety reasons. We thank everyone for their patience and understanding. 

• The section highlighted in red will be closed between 9.00am and 5.00pm each day with NO lunchtime opening. It will however be open in the evenings and at weekends. These works will be carried out from 14 – 18 March inclusive.

• The section marked in green will be closed between 9.00am and 5.00pm each day and WILL BE accessible between 12noon & 1.00pm each day. It will also be open in the evenings and at weekends. These works will be undertaken during 21 – 25 March inclusive. 

Signage will be in place to notify visitors and emergency vehicle access will be maintained throughout.

This maintenance work is essential to ensure everyone’s safety and to prevent further degradation of the surface. While we are fully aware that these works will cause some disruption for the local community and visitors to the area, we are committed to maintaining this vital route around the loch and ensuring that everyone can enjoy the area safely. 


Protocol For Loch Katrine During Adverse Weather

The North Shore Road is owned by Scottish Water. As such, whenever heavy rainfall is expected at Loch Katrine, it is our duty to implement access restrictions as a safety precaution; access to the North Shore Road is controlled between Portnellan and Stronachlachar Pier during adverse weather.

Closed gates and digital warning signs are put in place at access points, at Trossachs Pier car park and Stronachlachar Pier, to notify the public. Restricted access remains in place for the duration of the weather warning.

George Leslie personnel will be on site to keep an eye on things, update the warning signs and reopen as appropriate.

Please note that the details of the weather warnings may well change, however, we work with the information we have at that moment in time. 

Local residents, businesses and visitors to the area are thanked for their patience and understanding during these times.