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Project Overview


Scottish Water are carrying out a major refurbishment at McDonald Road Waste Water Pumping Station (WWPS).


The work is taking place in the carpark of Broughton Primary School is estimated to last until winter 2024.


The underground waste water pumping station uses enormous Archimedean screw pumps to move millions of litres of waste water across the capital. It has been in operation for over 50 years and to ensure the continued efficiency and reliability of the sewer network, the site is undergoing a major refurbishment.


McDonald Road WWPS collects drainage and lifts it to a larger sewer which then then runs by gravity to Seafield Waste Water Treatment Works for treatment.


During these works, customer waste water services will not be effected.

At A Glance

  • Waste Water Pumping Station Refurbishment
  • Estimated completetion winter 2024
  • The project is being delivered alongside our delivery partner, Morrison Water Services

Video of the install operation

Screw pump installation at underground pumping station

What we are doing


There is two screw pumps under the ground. A smaller screw often called “Foul Screw” which operates day to day and the larger “Storm Screw” which operates under storm conditions (high flow from rainwater etc).  The larger Storm Screw was removed in December last year and was replaced with a new one in April 2024.


The smaller of the two screw pumps is going to be replaced this later this year.