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Scottish Water is planning a £multimillion investment in North Berwick to improve the waste water treatment in the town, helping to protect and enhance the iconic coastal waters.

Our project aims to build a new Waste Water Treatment Works (WwTW) which minimises the impact on the heritage of the town.

At a Glance

  • New Waste Water Treatment Works
  • Capital Investment
  • To be Delivered by: ESD
  • Proposed Start Date: 2025 / 2026
  • Duration: 2/3  years

North Berwick WwTW

Watch our video outlining our plans for a new waste water treatment works for North Berwick

What we are proposing

The new site

We are planning to build the new works in a field off Rhodes Holdings, approximately 2 miles outside of the town.

This site was selected based on:

  • Distance from the existing works along with the associated carbon impacts of pumping flows
  • Land availability and suitability
  • Access to the site from the local road network
  • Visual and construction impact on the town


Aerial map showing North Berwick with existing WwTW site and proposed new WwTW site labelled

New Waste Water Treatment Work at North Berwick

Map shows current works and proposed new site on Rhodes Holdings

The new works

The new works will utilise state of the art waste water treatment processes.

We are currently planning to use a treatment process called Nereda which takes up less space and is more effective when compared to traditional treatment options.

We are working on the final layout of the works and plan on including landscaping around the works to help screen it.  

3D image of proposed waste water treatment works with trees round it

Proposed new works in North Berwick

An early 3D render of what the new works could look like. Landscaping around the site will be part of our ongoing engagement with the community.

The existing works

The existing Wastewater Treatment Works was constructed in 1995 into the cliffside beneath the 18th tee of the Glen Golf course off Tantallon Terrace.

Since its construction, the town has grown significantly meaning more layers of treatment are required.  

Due to the design of the works, there is no room to expand or upgrade it.

Once the new works is complete, it will continue to play a vital role in the towns waste water infrastructure, being converted into a new pumping station.

Waste water will continue to gravitate to the site before being pumped up to the new works via a new pipeline. Once treated, flows will gravitate back to the works and be discharged via the existing mile long outfall pipe. There will be no visual material changes to the site.

The inside of a waste water treatment works

Photo showing the cramped space inside the existing works

aerial photo of construction site with a crane

Photo of site being built and site interior

Related Work

As part of this project, we will be in installing two new pipelines between the existing works and the new works. 

We will share our plans for these pipelines in the next phase of engagement once we have identified an appropriate route. 

Community Engagement

We want to ensure that the community are aware of our plans and are able to provide feedback.  

We have hosted two information drop in events; 

12th October: 3.30PM - 7.30PM – North Berwick Community Centre, Main Hall  

9th November: 3.30PM - 7.30PM   – North Berwick Community Centre, Main Hall 

This website will continue to be updated with progress and we look forward to working with the community throughout this major investment.

Graphic showing timeline for project engagement

Project Engagement Timeline

Because we are still in the early phases, this is likely to change as the project develops.

North Berwick Feedback Form

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