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This project is to repair the damaged harbour wall and ensure integrity of Scottish Water waste water treatment facility at Palnackie Harbour.  

Working with our partners George Leslie, we are in the process of developing both a temporary and permanent fix for the harbour wall. 

Our aim is to start on the temporary solution at end of November to prevent further deterioration over the winter months. This work will involve installing a temporary banking in the harbour to stabilise the wall. This bund will consist of large stones and gabion stone and will extend around 10m into the harbour, at its furthest point. 

At a Glance

  • Investment project
  • Start Date: end of November 2023
  • Duration: Approx. 7 months
    Delivered by: George Leslie

This temporary support will be in place until we can carry out the permanent work, which is likely to be Spring/Summer 2024, dependent on marine license approval. We appreciate that while this temporary supporting structure is in place, that the harbour will be reduced in width and pedestrian access reduced for health and safety. We are engaging with the boat owners to find appropriate alternatives to mooring the boats and all the landowners at the harbour. 

We are still working on the design for the permanent wall. As part of this, mooring hooks will be restabilised at the wall and the whole site will be open as a greenspace with pedestrian access to the public once complete. 

Our primary purpose of this project is to reinstate the harbour wall in order to secure the septic tank which is in place.  There is no scope to make any further changes to the space itself and we continue to be satisfied with the condition and operation of the existing septic tanks which comply with our SEPA license.

Palnackie Habour

We are in the process of developing both a temporary and permanent fix for the harbour wall