Scottish Water’s Strategic Plan, “Our Future Together” sets out 3 ambitions; to go beyond Net Zero Emissions; Deliver Service Excellence and Deliver Great Value and Financial Sustainability.

From 2021 our improvements will be prioritised according to our Strategic Plan.

The objective of our Research and Innovation Strategy is to generate new knowledge and capability that can be applied to address 5 primary challenges:

Our Innovation Challenges

Innovation is essential to deliver Scottish Water’s strategic objectives and to support the transformation of our business.  

Our long-term plan for innovating is divided into 5 primary challenges and 19 outcomes:

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Innovation Challenge - Transforming Our Emissions 
Eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from our activities


Innovation Challenge Outcomes 

  • Operational processes have zero emissions
  • All construction is low carbon
  • All vehicles use sustainable power
  • Processes are chemical and energy efficient 
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Innovation Challenge - Embracing the circular economy
Maximising value and achieving zero non-value waste

Innovation Challenge Outcomes 

  • Generate all our energy 
  • Produce valued co-products
  • Maximise value and achieve zero non-value waste 
  • Maximise carbon sequestration 

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Innovation Challenge - Delivering a consistently excellent water supply

Transforming the water service for all of Scotland


Innovation Challenge Outcomes 

  • Supplies are resilient to future pressures
  • Zero water waste
  • Customers always enjoy their water
  • Transformed treatment capability to meet future challenges

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Innovation Challenge - Transforming wastewater services
Achieving the sustainable collection, treatment and recycling of wastewater


Innovation Challenge Outcomes 

  • Supplies are resilient to future pressures
  • Transformed surface water management 
  • Zero customer flooding and pollution
  • Transformed treatment capability and reliability

Innovation Challenge - Transforming how we work
Delivering the best service from source to sea


Innovation Challenge Outcomes 

  • Right service provision for the area
  • Smart processes and systems
  • Maximise the value of our assets 

Opportunities for collaboration 

To meet these challenges we need to work with industry, academia and international organisations. We will:

  • Generate new knowledge by commissioning high quality applied studies with research partners
  • Enhance the impact of research from the Scottish Academic sector through the Hydro Nation Chair position at University of Stirling
  • Host pilot trials at our Development Centres
  • Develop open innovation challenges to stimulate research and innovation 

If you think you can help us in our journey, please use the contact visit our Submitting a Proposal page.