Supply Point Registration, Verification or Deregistration applies where there is a requirement to register a new Supply Point as a Gap Site to verify meter records or to remove Supply Points or Service Elements where no physical disconnection is required. 

We have produced a Process Pointer as a guide for Licensed Providers (LPs) explaining: 

  • different scenarios and relevant processes
  • information that should be provided with requests 
  • validation activities or checks that should be carried out by the LP before submitting requests 
  • respective Scottish Water or Licensed Provider responsibilities 


Verification of meter details involves the physical inspection of meters for the purpose of verifying records. 

LPs can request this service where they believe that the meter details differ from those held on the CMA. 

Requests should be submitted via the LP Customer Portal. Please ensure that all the required information is provided as set out in the Process Pointer. 

We will perform desktop checks and may reject requests that do not have the required information. 

Where records are found to be inaccurate, an update will be sent to the CMA to correct market data. 

Where records are found to be accurate or have been changed without notice, we may recover costs for the visit in accordance with the Wholesale Charges Scheme.