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Project Overview

We are preparing to invest in the local water network in Port Ellen, upgrading the water main to ensure resilience of supplies to the area.

The upgrade project is set to begin on Monday 25 March 2024.

Works are expected to take around 12 months for completion and will be delivered by Scottish Water contractors Morrison Construction and McFadyens Contractors of Campbeltown. 

At a Glance

  • Approx. £3M investment
  • 12 months duration 
  • Delivered by Morrison Construction and McFadyens Contractors


Port Ellen

Port Ellen Upgrades

<p>The investment will deliver a more resilient water supply and help reduce the risk of bursts which can lead to interruptions of normal supplies for customers.  </p>

What we are doing 

This significant investment involves the replacement of the water main servicing Port Ellen. 

As with any works of this type, we will do all we can to work with the local community ensuring mitigation measures are in place to minimise any disruption.

Due to the nature of the local landscape with single-track roads, local residents and road users should expect some disruption. We are of course liaising with A&B Council’s Roads Department to ensure the works can be delivered as smoothly as possible.

From Monday 1st April, a section of road at Emerivale will be closed at night, Monday to Friday, for approximately 4 weeks. We are acutely aware that this road is the only means of access to The Oa peninsula, however, with the road at around 3 metres wide and the position of the water main in the road, there is simply no way for our contractor to safely deliver the works without a road closure. 

To help keep disruption to a minimum for road users and the local community:  

  • The works will be carried out overnight to avoid the need for any daytime road closure.
  • We will monitor sound levels through the night working period, and do our best to carry out the noisiest tasks as early in the night as possible to help minimise any sound impact for the households closest to the works.
  • We have brought the road closure forward from its original planned date of Tuesday 23rd April to Monday 1st April to avoid periods of peak tourism. 
  • A banksman will be in place to guide traffic through the closure at peak ferry times, as well as during any emergency situation.
  • Any customers who require access to their home/holiday accommodation/ livestock etc. will be guided through the works – there may be a short waiting period.
  • Emergency services will be accommodated at all times – this is standard practice during all road closure works undertaken. 

Why are we doing this? 

With a history of bursts in the area, these essential works are being carried out to help ensure our customers continue to enjoy fresh, great-tasting Scottish water. 

The investment will deliver a more resilient water supply and help reduce the risk of bursts which can lead to interruptions of normal supplies for customers.  

Latest Update

March 2024

Residents who will be directly affected by these important improvement works have been lettered in advance of the project commencing. 

We invited residents along to a drop-in community information event on Tuesday 5th March at Ramsay Hall, Port Ellen from 3pm to 7pm where they heard more about our plans. Members of the community had the opportunity to raise any questions or concerns about the works. 

Community info event

Our drop-in event gave residents the chance to speak to the project team.  

Port Ellen Information Event

View the posters from our drop-in community information event 

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