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Project Overview

Scottish Water is constructing a new waste water treatment works (WWTW) in Lochgoilhead, Argyll and Bute. 

These works will help improve our ability to continue to provide an improved stability of the waste water treatment process and improve the resilience of the local waste water network.

Works are expected to begin on Monday 22 April, 2024 and take around 13 months for completion. 

At a Glance 

  • Essential upgrades to local waste water infrastructure
  • Around £1.7M investment 
  • Expected duration of 13 months
  • Delivered by WGMB Engineering 


Lochgoilhead view

Lochgoilhead Investment 

Scottish Water is spending around £1.7 million to upgrade the existing waste water treatment works in the village.

What We Are Doing 

The improvements being made here include the construction of a new, modern treatment process and replacing some of the existing required facilities on the treatment works, new for old.

The upgrades also include changes required for the health and safety of our operations personnel and any visitors to the site.

A new access entrance and roadway will be constructed within the treatment works to facilitate access for maintenance of the new plant. Passing points will be installed on the access road, as well as bridge protection works and site set up activities. 

There will also be some vegetation and tree removal to the north-east of the site with replanting included in the construction project works.

The project team has carried out a lot of planning with regards to the traffic management of the project to help minimise any impact on the community and address any concerns. There have been several design checks to confirm the suitability of the forest access bridge to ensure it is capable of supporting the heaviest deliveries to site. This avoids traffic going through the village.

Lochgoilhead WWTW

Lochgoilhead Waste Water Treatment Works is at the end of its working life and needs an overhaul.

Aeration Tank and Blowers

The entire treatment process will be upgraded.

Why We Are Doing It 

The existing process equipment has served well but is now nearing end of serviceable life, creating increased equipment failures. Upgrades are essential to maintain the treatment process operation. Due to the age of the plant and equipment, replacement parts and spares are no longer manufactured.

The entire treatment process needs to be refurbished, replaced and upgraded with modern equipment to ensure the integrity of this key Scottish Water asset is maintained and protected.  

Latest Update 

April 2024

The project team held a drop-in community event at Lochgoilhead Village Hall on Tuesday 16 April. 

Those who came along had the opportunity to learn about the project and speak to our team. It was a really useful event, and we also learned a thing or two from the local community which will be extremely helpful when delivering the project.

Anyone who was unable to attend can view the information posters displayed at the event by clicking the link below. 

Lochgoilhead Information Event

View the information posters displayed at our drop-in community information event. 

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