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Project Overview

Scottish Water is investing over £26million to improve the resilience and quality of the supply for customers in Newton Mearns, Eaglesham and East Kilbride.

The project will be carried out in two phases to prepare for the decommissioning of the Picketlaw Water Treatment Works which is approaching the end of its operational life.

The work is being delivered by Caledonia Water Alliance.

At a Glance

  • Improving resilience and quality of the water supply
  • Installing 13.5 miles of new water mains

Investing in Eaglesham, East Kilbride and Newton Mearns

Picketlaw Water Treatment Works


Picketlaw Water Treatment Works is nearing the end of its operational life and is being decommissioned.

What are we doing?

To improve the resilience and quality of water to Newton Mearns, Eaglesham and East Kilbride, supply to customers will be switched from Picketlaw to Drunoyhill and Daer.
Picketlaw Water Treatment Works

Supplies are being switched from Picketlaw

Picketlaw Water Treatment Works

Roadworks in Mearns Road

What does the project involve?

  • 13.5 miles of new pipes installed between Newton Mearns and East Kilbride  
  • Majority of work will be carried out in fields and countryside
  • Project will improve services and ensure water quality to tens of thousands of customers

Latest update November 2023

The works are making good progress, with the next phase beginning in Mearns Road from the junction of Broomburn Drive on Monday 4 December.  

They will progress on a rolling programme along Mearns Road before coming to an end at the junction of Kinnaird Avenue around February time, 2024. 

To enable these works to be delivered safely, temporary roadworks will be in place. They will involve temporary lights and some junction closures.

We have also liaised with local businesses, ensuring they are fully updated on what’s happening. All businesses in the area will be open as normal while these essential works are delivered. 

We thank all road users, businesses and residents for their patience and understanding. 

From Monday 30 October work began to install approximately two miles of water main along Mearns Road from its junction with Ayr Road (the Robert Pollock monument) to Hazelden Road.

This phase is expected to be completed by March 2024 at which point the customers who are switched over to Drumoyhill will be supplied with water which has been chloraminated.

The first phase of the project involved laying approximately three miles of new water mains pipes on Mearns Road in Newton Mearns in a rolling programme from Broomvale Drive, along Mearns Road to the roundabout leading onto the A726.

What is chloramination? 

Chloramination is a tried and tested method of treating drinking water. Currently used to supply over 1 million of our customers throughout Scotland, it is widely used in the water industry, throughout the UK and worldwide. 

The process offers a reliable and effective form of water treatment by ensuring the disinfection of the water is consistent and stable throughout the pipe distribution process.

The chloramination process lasts longer in the pipe distribution network than using chlorine on its own, so there is no need to add further chlorine along the network of pipes meaning levels of chlorine in the water are reduced.