Investing in Kippford

Multimillion pound upgrade

Project Overview

Scottish Water is in the process of planning a £multimillion upgrade to the Waste Water Treatment infrastructure in Kippford. 

This investment will help protect the environment in the Urr Estuary and improve the bathing waters at Rockcliffe which has previously been classified by SEPA as ‘Poor.’

 Why we are investing

The existing Waste Water Treatment Works on Roughfirth negatively impacts on the downstream bathing water at Rockcliffe.

The existing works only has primary treatment, meaning that it does not disinfect the waste water before it is discharged.

As a temporary measure, during the bathing water season, we install temporary treatment equipment to disinfect the waste water. This has improved the bathing water classification at Rockcliffe from ‘Poor’ to ‘Good’.

Further information

More information on Kippford 

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What we are planning


The existing works
Flows will continue to gravitate down to the existing works on Roughfirth.

This works will be changed into pumping station which will pump flows to the new works. 

The existing stone building will be demolished and we are proposing to build a new stone clad building closer to the road. 

This building would be 300mm taller and will house the control panel for the underground pumps.

Our aim is to try and ensure that any new structure on the site is in keeping with the surrounding area. 

3-D graphic of transfer building for waste water treatment building

Kippford New Transfer Building

3D graphic of what the new building will look like

The new Waste Water Treatment Works

Following consultation with residents and representative groups between 2019 and 2021, we will build the new treatment works on land behind the telephone exchange to the East of Merse Way.

The treatment processes for the works will be buried below ground to reduce the visual impact of the works on the landscape.

We are in the process of working on a landscaping and planting plan to screen the site from view. This will be shared with the community once it is ready.

The new works will have three stages of treatment, Septic tanks, Submerged Aerated Filters and Humus Tanks. This enhanced treatment will help protect the environment and downstream bathing water for years to come. 

Map of proposed new buildings for a waste water treatment works

Kippford Proposed Waste Water Treatment Works

Proposed above ground buildings

Map graphic of buildings for a waste water treatment works

Kippford Proposed Waste Water Treatment Works

Proposed below ground structures

The new outfall and discharge point


A new outfall and surface water outfall is proposed to be constructed from the new works to the Urr Water and will be buried in the fields around Merse Way.

We are planning to locate the outfall point in a deep section of the Urr Water and have carried out modelling work to ensure there is enough dilution.

We have submitted an application to Marine Scotland for the outfall and welcome feedback on our proposals.

Community engagement

We hosted an in-person community event on 4th May in Kippford. All of the information for this can be found at the further information link at the top of the page.

Once we have reviewed the feedback from the event, we will write to everyone in the community and provide regular written updates to community members. 

To provide feedback on anything here, please contact

For more information, including all the material from the recent information event please see the 'Further Information' link at the top of the page.