Marchmont Road FAQs

This work will help to prevent sewer flooding in Marchmont
We are installing a new underground storm overflow shaft tank with connecting pipework within the grassed area off Warrender Park Terrace / Marchmont Road and laying new sewer pipes up Marchmont Crescent
We will be working Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm. If we require to work weekends we will letter you in advance of this
No – we are installing an combined sewer storm overflow tank which will store storm water flows during severe weather events.
During severe events, the tank will store the water which will then be pumped back into the sewer network once safe to do so
The whole project will last for approximately 16 months, beginning in September 2022
One Rowan tree off Warrender Park Terrace has been identified to be removed, however we will replant a new tree at the end of the project
Yes – pedestrian access to properties will not be affected
Home deliveries will be not be affected by the works
Access will always be provided. We have advised the emergency services of the works

We will ensure that the area of the grass, road and pavements that we will have been working on will be reinstated. The new sewer infrastructure will be located underground. There is however a requirement for two kiosks to house controls which is required to be located above ground. The proposed dimensions are: - 1.6 (L)m x(W)0.7m x(H)1.3m and 3.2 (L)m x(W)0.8m x(H)1.7m.

The grassed areas will be top soiled seeded upon completion. We will have to wait for the grass growing season to allow the grass to fully regrow

The location of where the sewer flooding occurs in the network with the existing sewers and point where these flows can gravitate to, dictates that this is the feasible location that would enable a solution to work and improve the network
The site cabins and site office will be placed in the grassed area between Warrender Park Terrace, Marchmont Road and Leamington Walk. This area will be fenced off with 2.4m high wooden hoarding. Site materials will be stored in this area and large construction vehicles will be used such as dumper trucks, diggers and cranes at various points for the tank construction
To ensure the safety of the public and workforce and to allow enough space to get machinery in and operate safely
On street parking will be suspended on sections of Marchmont Crescent when the pipe laying proceeds up the street. We have minimised the impact on the car parking by keeping the working area in the road to a minimum in small, short phases. Other smaller sections of work will affect parking in Warrender Park Terrace, Meadow Place and a short section of Marchmont Road. We appreciate there will be an impact on parking and will inform you nearer the time
There will be a generator for the welfare cabins. This will be on a timer so it will switch off during the night to minimise the noise impact for residents. We require to dig down approximately 17m deep to install the tank. The first part of the excavation (1m depth) is made up of made ground and clay which is softer ground to excavate out and less noisy. The majority of rest of the ground is made up of a layer of sandstone rock which will be louder to break through. We shall write to you nearer the time when we reach this phase. We require to insert iron sheet piles into the ground around excavation area to stabilise the ground. There will be some noise and vibration when installing and taking out these sheets
Underground mechanical pumps will operate after a severe storm event. These pumps operate with minimal noise and are contained in the tank and will be less than the background noise

We appreciate that there will be impact to residents near the works and thank you for your patience and understanding whilst we carry out the essential works.

We are prefabricating parts of the tank offsite to help reduce the time we spend onsite and therefore reduce the overall programme

Yes – there will be lorries and work vehicles going up and down Marchmont Road and into the start of Warrender Park Terrace to get into the site. We will monitor the condition of the roads throughout the works and arrange a road sweeper as and when required
We will be offering a free property survey to each property next to the new sewer pipe infrastructure and tank to provide peace of mind. A survey would be carried out before and upon completion of the works. The surveys are for your own peace of mind and act as a benchmark to compare should anything arise. You will be contacted in advance by the independent surveyors to arrange a suitable time window
We were required to submit an application for the review and approval of the kiosks and associated tank covers and vent. A change in one of the parking bays at the start of Warrender Park Terrace is also to be temporarily allocated to a 12m x 3m parking bay for a tanker parking bay which would be required approx once every two years or less. The bay would be available for the rest of the time
No, your water supply and drainage services from your kitchen and bathroom should not be affected by our work

No - As Scottish Water is a publicly owned company which provides essential services to its customers, it has the right to carry out work of this kind where it is needed to maintain necessary infrastructure and protect the environment. In doing so, we seek to minimise disruption as far as we can, but unfortunately the position of key infrastructure in this case means that there is no way to avoid constructing the chamber at this location.

The work we are carrying out (and other work which takes place all over Scotland) is funded by the water and waste water charges which all customers pay; and is planned to make sure that we can continue to deliver reliable water and waste water services on an efficient basis. This means that, while we seek to avoid, minimise or mitigate disruption where we reasonably can, we are not able to pay individual customers for inconvenience, such as additional noise/disruption which they experience.

We will be setting up monitoring equipment to continuously monitor the noise and vibration during the works to ensure we are working in the appropriate levels zone for the British Standard. Where there are particular circumstances which customers wish to raise with us, we would always encourage them to contact us.

As part of the planning for the Marchmont flooding project, Scottish Water reviewed the opportunity to remove surface water from the sewer network and managed through blue-green infrastructure (BGI) such as raingardens, etc.  Although surface water is thought to contribute to the flooding issue at this location our study found that in this location, removal of the surface water flows from the sewer locally would not have had a material impact on the scale of the flooding scheme needed here to reduce the risk of flooding from the sewer network