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Project Overview

This investment project will help reduce the risk of flooding to properties in the Marchmont area of Edinburgh. It is increasing the capacity of the sewer network and will benefit a number of residents who have been affected by flooding. 

The project is to be delivered by our alliance partners Caledonia Water Alliance and is expected to be completed by Dec 2024

At a glance

  • Started: September 2022
  • Flood prevention
  • Delivered by Caledonia Water Alliance
  • Approx. completion December 24


roof going onto the tank
roof going onto the tank

Marchmont Road - Drone Photos

Progress photos showing roof on - April 24

Sewer upgrade works - Marchmont Road

  • The extended section of the northbound carriageway of Marchmont Road will be closed from 7th May 2024 for 6 weeks. The closure will be in place between the junction with Melville Drive (A700) to the south of Warrender Park Terrace. We are continuing to work southwards up Marchmont Road laying new pipework. This has enabled us to work under a lane closure rather than a full road closure which has minimised disruption.
  • A diversion route will be in place via Argyle Place, Roseneath Street and Marchmont Crescent.
  • The northbound side of Marchmont Road will remain unaffected.
  • Roseneath Place will remain open via Marchmont Crescent and Warrender Park Road
  • The junction of Warrender Park Terrace and Marchmont Road will be closed with a diversion via Spottiswood Street and Warrender Park Road.
  • Some parking restrictions will be in place near the working area.
  • Some bus stops in the road closure area will be temporarily suspended. Please check with the local bus companies for further information on how services will be affected.
  • To see the traffic management plan showing the diversions CLICK HERE

Works at Meadow Place

  • Meadow Place is now open. However, the junction with Marchmont Road will remain closed until the end of the year as work continues on Marchmont Road. A diversion will be in place via Marchmont Crescent and Warrender Park Road

Works at Marchmont Crescent - Temporary Reinstatement

We have temporarily backfilled the road surface as works will be moving to focus on Marchmont Road.

We will return in 2024 to continue our sewer pipe laying and reinstate the cobbles back.

City of Edinburgh Council have confirmed that that the dispensation that was put in place as a result of Covid-19 restriction still remains in place - This dispensation allows permit holders with a valid residents’ parking permit to park in pay and display parking places within their own zone.  This information is included on the parking home page on their website: 

Please note that some dates are subject to change.

Storm tank construction at Bruntsfield Links:

  • Work is continuing on pouring the concrete for the base of the underground tank. Following this the central column will be installed, and finally the roof will be installed. 
  • We will require to use a crane for lifting the segments into the tank. We do not anticipate this work to be very noisy. You may notice an increase in work vehicles to the site on some days when deliveries are getting made for the tank. 
construction Site hoarding with blue graphics

The site hoarding has a special wrap informing customers of why we are carrying out the work

construction site hoarding with blue graphics

The hoarding incorporates Scottish Water campaign messages as well as information about the project

What we are doing

  • The project involves installing new larger sewer pipes along sections of Marchmont Crescent and a small part of Marchmont Road, with an underground storm overflow tank which will be 15m wide by 20m deep
  • 2 Control kiosks to be installed adjacent to Warrender Park Terrace. See updated planning drawings for exact location
  • During construction there will be site cabins situated next to the location of the tank on the Bruntsfield Links
  • All planning drawings are available to view/download via the link further down the page 
Drone aerial photo of Edinburgh with houses and hill in the distance

Bruntsfield Links Storm Tank - Drone

May 2023

Marchmont Project Documents

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Why we are doing it

A number of properties in the area have previously been affected by sewer flooding. 

The work being done here will increase the capacity of the local waste water network and will provide extra storage during heavy rainfall.

This improvement project will help reduce the risk of flooding in the area.