Upgraded pathway at Lovers Lane

Improving Pathways

The stretch of new pathway at Lovers’ Lane has been successfully completed. Works are expected to move to the far end of Mugdock Reservoir w/b 27 Nov. 

At this location:

Work to upgrade the footpaths around Milngavie Reservoirs got under way on Monday 14 August, 2023, with listed building consent secured from East Dunbartonshire Council.

With the first section at Lovers' Lane successfully completed, from Monday 27 Nov attention turns to a section of the footpaths at the opposite side of Mugdock Reservoir – a stretch which runs along the side of Mugdock Road, at the end nearest to Mugdock Causeway.

Normal pedestrian access to the reservoirs through the entrance opposite Drumclog car park will be closed and pedestrians will be re-routed via the pavement running alongside Mugdock Road to Mugdock Causeway. However, Drumclog car park itself will remain open during our works.

The section is expected to be completed before the Christmas break.
To help minimise disruption the improvement work is being carried out in phases and on a rolling-basis around the reservoirs. The reservoirs are very much ‘open for business’ during these works, however, we need to close off the sections of paths we’re working on both for health and safety reasons and for good progress to be made. 

Once the pathways around Mugdock Reservoir have been successfully upgraded, attention will then turn to improving the paths around Craigmaddie Reservoir. 

Environmental benefits will be achieved through the use of a responsibly sourced, recycled footpath product called ‘Ultitrec’ to improve the main walking routes around Mugdock and Craigmaddie reservoirs. 

This sustainable and innovative material from Tarmac will help reduce waste and conserve scarce primary aggregates. 

Keep checking back for the latest information.