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River Almond

We are investing to improve the environment in and around the River Almond


In 2020 we saw a rise in community interest and engagement about the waste water cycle. In particular the interaction between Scottish Water assets and the environment in and around rivers and burns. A good example of this is the community around the River Almond near East Calder. 

Scottish Water are now working with community groups and other agencies to look at ways to improve the environment in the area and has also committed to a number of investment activities to be carried out, in both the short term and the longer term.

Investment Activities

We published our Urban Waters Route Map in 2021 announcing plans to invest up to half a billion pounds more in Scotland’s waste water network to deliver further improvements and ensure that Scotland’s rivers, beaches and urban waters are free from sewage related debris.

The plans will enable us to target investment in improving our monitoring and upgrading the worst performing combined sewer overflows.

In the Almond catchment we are installing new technology and sensors to deliver against our improved monitoring commitment. These sensors are in place across East Calder and already giving us new performance insights – helping us to avoid sewer debris entering the river.

We are also planning investment to improve seven waste water treatment works (including East Calder) and five CSOs (Combined Sewer Overflows) identified in River Basin Management Plans (RBMP) as being required to support Good status in the River Almond.  

Lighthouse project: Scottish Water is a part of this multi-agency project, which is still in its early stages,  looking at understanding the needs of the River Almond/East Calder catchment and investigating possible solutions to the issues it faces. This project is looking holistically at rain water drainage in the area and what types of changes would deliver improvements.

Communications and Engagement

Scottish Water are part of a River Almond Water Quality Improvement Group which is chaired by Angela Constance MSP and Hannah Bardell MP. The group  has a geographical focus on the West Lothian area of the River Almond, with specific interest in  of Bathing Water application near East Calder



River Almond Q&As

Some questions raised by local community groups regarding the River Almond in the East Calder area. The answers are a combination of information from Scottish Water, SEPA and other agencies

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