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Project Overview

Work to build a new multimillion pound, state-of-the-art Waste Water Treatment Works upgrade in Winchburgh started in September 2021. The new and larger works will be built on the edge of the town, next to the site of the current WwTW. The current site has come to the end of its life and the new works will provide sufficient capacity to support existing and proposed development in Winchburgh for the next decade and beyond The new works will make use of state-of-the-art Nereda technology which reduces energy usage by up to a half and treats wastewater more effectively.
Award-winning Nereda technology treats waste water much faster than current treatments and takes away the need for pumps and mixers, meaning less energy and space is needed to treat a higher quantity of waste water. It also removes the need to use any chemicals during the treatment process which better protects the environment at local waterways. 

This investment will be delivered by Scottish Water’s alliance partner Efficient Service Delivery (ESD) and will start operating by winter 2023.

At a Glance

  • New Waste Water Treatment Works
  • Capital Investment
  • Delivered by ESD
  • Completion expected Winter 2023


Construction site

Construction Progress- June 2022

Work is progressing well  at Winchburgh

Update - June/July

Progress on site continues in line with our programme.  The bulk earthworks operation is complete, so the heavy construction movements associated with the bulk removal of unusable material and replacement fill material is now substantially reduced.  

The deep drainage pipework is installed as are all the major retaining walls, which define the different areas within the site.  The focus now is to construct the upper and lower catchment pumping stations (which are used to intercept the two sewers that feed the works) and construct the concrete bases upon which the steel process units will sit.  This work continues in parallel with installation of the remaining below ground services.

The next phase of the build will be to begin construction of the site building and the steel process units which is scheduled to commence late summer.


We have also just submitted a planning application for a PV solar scheme to the roof of the proposed control building. This will enable the site to reduce the CO2 emissions and will directly contribute toward Scottish Water's targets of increasing green energy generation and reducing our carbon footprint.


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