Scottish Ministers may authorise a departure from the provisions of Public Water Supplies (Scotland) 2014 Regulations (as amended) upon written request from Scottish Water (an “Authorised Departure”).

Authorised Departures are only applicable for certain parameters and can only be granted subject to certain criteria set out in the 2014 Regulations. One is that Scottish Ministers must be satisfied that the departure does not constitute a potential danger to human health.

The DWQR expects Scottish Water to be actively engaged with Health Protection Scotland, the appropriate health board and the Consultant in Public Health Medicine (CPHM) and to discuss any potential applications with them in advance to enable any risk to the health of the communities in their care to be assessed and appropriate advice to be formulated.

The formal application has to be copied to every appropriate local authority, the relevant Health Board, Scottish Association of Citizens Advice Bureau and The Water Industry Commission for Scotland. They have 30 days to make any representations on the application. 

Scottish Water has a rigorous sampling and testing regime in place to ensure that water quality remains of the highest possible standard. There are no Authorised Departures currently in place.”