Drinking Water Directive

We supply more than 1.5 billion litres of water a day to household  and non-household customers across Scotland. 

Our public water and waste water services support over 2.6 million homes and more than 150,000 business premises.

The water we supply requires to be compliant with stringent regulatory quality standards in order to maintain and protect public health and support a flourishing Scotland. 


Find out more about the regulations we adhere to set by the European Union

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We adhere to regulations designed to ensure Scotland’s high quality drinking water aligns with standards set by the European Union and informed by the World Health Organisation. The EU Continuity Act 2020 allows for the maintenance and advancement of the high standards shared between Scots and EU law, following the Britain’s exit from the EU.  

New regulations laid in the Scottish Parliament in 2022 align water quality standards with those set out in by the European Union.


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