There are many reasons why Scottish Water may need to visit a premise during the course of our investigations. When a Licensed Provider submits a Request for Service, we ask them to provide consent to contact the Business End User and for appropriate contact details.


If consent is not provided, the Licensed Provider is responsible for co-ordinating the visit with the Business End User.


Where consent to contact the Business End User is given, Scottish Water will make two telephone calls to arrange an appointment to visit the premise. The appointments are usually within our standard working hours, but we will work with the business to find a mutually agreeable time. The telephone calls will be at a different time of day to give us a better chance of successfully making contact.


If we cannot make contact with the customer using the provided details, Scottish Water will visit the premise to attempt to carry out the visit. If there is no one at the property, Scottish Water will return the case to the Licensed Provider to liaise with their customer or provide alternative contact details provided. Meanwhile the case will be closed. If the property is letting accommodation, no visit will be carried out and the case will be closed after two unsuccessful calls.


To facilitate a successful site visit, it is important that the contact details Licensed Providers pass to Scottish Water are correct and available during business hours (8am to 6pm). It is also helpful if Licensed Providers can provide the opening hours of the premise.
These steps will help Scottish Water to attend the premise in a timely manner and avoid cases being handed back to Licensed Providers.