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Lead and Your Water

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Learn how we are working to deliver a lead-free water supply

Pupils Can Get to Know H2O... At Home

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18 May 2020

We've launched a brand new Water Cycle Education Kit for parents, carers and teachers across Scotland 

BLOG: Kids were Happiest I've Ever Met - Lousie Bannerman

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20 August 2020

Scottish Water's Louise Bannerman reflects on the reality for children going to school in Rwanda

Blog: St Andrews Fat Free Sewer Diet is Huge Success - ECAS

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19 April 2019

Forget those fad diets - the Fat-Free Sewer campaign was the most effective diet we’ve ever been on!

Scottish Water Answers Scottish Ambulance Service Call for Help

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19 May 2020

Roles were reversed when Scottish Water recently answered a call for help from the Scottish Ambulance Service

BLOG: We Must Work Together to Improve Our Water Efficiency

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24 June 2020

Water Operations Manager Kes Kuskowiak says we must all be more water efficient to protect this precious resource

Scottish Water Joins Valuable 500 Movement on Disability Inclusion

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21 May 2020

Global coalition is calling on business leaders to address accessibility and inclusion for those with disabilities

Tapping into a Thirst for Sustainability

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20 October 2020

A Scotland-wide network of public Top up Taps has saved the equivalent of 250,000 plastic bottles

Hotel Guests Tap into Scotland's Water in Green Credentials Boost

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15 November 2018

Guests at one of the country’s most prestigious hotels will be able to top up with five-star Scottish water thanks to a new initiative to reduce waste and help the environment

Stirling Council and Scottish Water Horizons Join Forces for Pioneering Renewables Project

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4 December 2018

Stirling Council has embarked on a ground-breaking UK first project in partnership with Scottish Water Horizons to use cutting edge renewable technologies to harness energy from waste water

City Celebrates Set of Six Top Up Taps this Christmas

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21 December 2020

Edinburgh celebrates set of six top up taps this Christmas – as major plastic saving milestone reached