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Lead and Your Water

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Learn how we are working to deliver a lead-free water supply

Royal Botanic Garden Expert Kirsty's Top Tips for a Green Garden

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18 September 2020

BBC Beechgrove presenter Kirsty Wilson shows us how to save water while helping our gardens thrive

Students Tour Waste Water Site

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13 February 2020

Students were given a behind-the-scenes tour of one of Dumfries and Galloway’s biggest waste water treatment sites

Pupils Can Get to Know H2O... At Home

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18 May 2020

We've launched a brand new Water Cycle Education Kit for parents, carers and teachers across Scotland 

Scottish Water Answers Scottish Ambulance Service Call for Help

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19 May 2020

Roles were reversed when Scottish Water recently answered a call for help from the Scottish Ambulance Service

Scottish Water Joins Valuable 500 Movement on Disability Inclusion

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21 May 2020

Global coalition is calling on business leaders to address accessibility and inclusion for those with disabilities

Scottish Water Scientists are Red Hot Metal Detectors

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4 May 2020

Scientists are making sure Scotland’s water is wholesome and safe for people to drink

Sewer response teams kitted out with bespoke vehicles

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5 May 2020

Four new bespoke vehicles are set to make clearing drainage chokes quicker and more efficient for teams operating in remote locations

Water Efficiency During Dry Weather

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7 May 2020

We're asking customers to use water more efficiently in and around their homes as they enjoy the good weather and many people work from home.

BLOG: Kids were Happiest I've Ever Met - Lousie Bannerman

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20 August 2020

Scottish Water's Louise Bannerman reflects on the reality for children going to school in Rwanda

Fife Reservoir Gets Green PV Power

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4 August 2020

A Fife site will turn to green energy to boost Scottish Water’s pledge to reach net zero emissions by 2040