In some circumstances Fire Tariff Agreements can be granted in relation to meter-based annual charges.  

Firefighting Allowances can also be applied to volumetric charges where water has been used for firefighting purposes.

Fire Tariff Agreements 

Licensed Providers (LPs) can apply for Fire Tariff Agreements where a non-household customer requires additional capacity solely for firefighting purposes.  We may offer a Fire Tariff Agreement to adjust fixed charges to a more appropriate level based on non-firefighting use. 

We’ll consider adjustments to meter-based annual charges for Supply Points where the capacity required solely to support firefighting equipment is greater than the capacity which would otherwise have been required at the supply point. 

Firefighting Allowances 

LPs can apply for Firefighting Allowances where water and waste water services have been used for firefighting, firefighting training purposes or the testing of firefighting apparatus or equipment.  

We’ll assess applications based on the information provided and in accordance with the Wholesale Scheme of Charges and Process 26 of the Operational Code.  

Further information on these allowances can be found in our Fire Tariff Agreement & Firefighting Policy. 

Is your customer is eligible? Access the full Fire Tariff Agreement & Firefighting Policy

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